Avoid Clogged Plumbing with Inspections and Drain Cleaning in Calgary

Sewers, drains, and pipes of all kinds will typically get clogged at some point. At the same time, they can also experience gradual deterioration. If you choose to wait until these issues happen, your business could suffer in a big way and could even turn into a health hazard as your work environment becomes less and less sanitary.

At Piper Mechanical, we believe the best way to keep these issues from damaging your business is to have us provide you with regular drain and sewer camera inspections and drain cleaning around Calgary. To learn more about these services, please click the following links:

Video inspection Drain cleaning

Video Inspection

To inspect your sewers, drains, and pipes thoroughly, Piper Mechanical inserts closed circuit television cameras into the inspected areas. This type of technology is so good now that the photos we get from the areas are clear and detailed enough to help us identify and locate any damage you have, potential future damage, and any build-up of debris and dirt.

If you choose to have us inspect your plumbing in this way, know that you will be saving your business a lot of money. By learning the condition of every inch of your sewers, drains, and pipes, you will be able to minimize and even avoid an unexpected breakdown in your plumbing.

Drain Cleaning

Have you thought about your sewer lines lately? They are what transport your business’ waste water away from your business. However, that transportation can go horribly wrong if your sewer line gets clogged, and raw sewage could end up seeping through your drains. But how can you tell if your sewer line is clogged? If your business has water backing up out of a drain or toilet or there are gurgling sounds coming from your drains, you probably need to have your drains cleaned.

When that happens, turn to Piper Mechanical. We have a fully equipped auger van prepared to help with all the tools necessary to drain your sewer lines and clean up your drains. With our van, we can clear out debris, tree roots, grease clogs, and any other obstructions. We even have colour DVD equipment inside the van to detect any blockage first to save us time and you money.

We can provide effective drain cleaning for all commercial drains, including:

  • Kitchen sinks
  • Main sewers
  • Floor drains
  • Bathroom drains
  • Fountains
  • Planter drains
  • Grease traps
  • Lab sinks
  • Sump outlines
  • Vent stacks
  • Sanitary or storm stacks
  • Laundry machine drain lines
  • Commercial dishwashers
  • Lift stations

Keep your business’ environment safe for everyone, and call us today to schedule regular plumbing inspections.


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